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Providing great marketing that compels consumers to make a purchase.

Hey everyone, I hope you all had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Today starts a fresh week, getting back into gear with work. This week, schools in New York are officially back open which means traffic will be heavy here. Today, I come to you with an interesting article on how to provide the most expert advice on all things "marketing" in order expand your audience.

Making this work while using social media is not only useful, but essential. I tend to see many businesses not properly using their social media platforms, which they can benefit from by using engagement and sales. Below I will mention one of the greatest ways to improve your content on your social media platforms.

The use of Educational Based Marketing on Social Media:

As we all know, a consumer is a person who purchases goods and services for personal use. Many businesses are uploading content that is created through a sales based marketing strategy. As business owners, we need to build trust between our consumers, and sales based marketing isn't the way to go. In order to build credible trust we need to educate our consumers where they fully understand how a product and/or service works, and how it can help them. For example, an energy drink company might post an image of their newest energy drink, captioning it, "Purchase today in a Walgreens location near you". What you see here is part of a Sales Based Marketing technique. The majority of viewers will breeze over this product all because there's not enough information on it. The correct way to advertise this product would be to write, "Our newest energy drink is officially here! Replenish your body with this fast acting energy boosting beverage, increasing your every day awareness and durability". BOOM! There it is, an educated post to the consumer. Now, a viewer on this platform knows that this energy drink will replenish your body which will increase your every day awareness and durability. This post gives reason to purchase this product because it taught the consumer the benefits it has for them.

So, educational based marketing in today's day and age will help your business increase sales. It will give you the upper hand against all competitors using sales based marketing, and that's a guarantee. Every title must have a description, make it happen today!

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